Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply for the 1L Diversity Fellowship?

You may apply using our online application form.  Please also have copies of your resume, undergraduate and first-semester of law school transcripts, writing sample and personal statement prepared for online submission.

I am very interested in the Choate 1L Diversity Fellowship, but I am not a minority.  Can I still apply for the Fellowship?

We welcome applications from all first-year law students who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity in the profession through their academic, professional and co-curricular work and activities.

I am an evening law student.  Am I eligible to apply for the Fellowship?

If you are still considered a first-year law student, have not yet entered your second year of law school, and have two summers before graduation, you are eligible to apply.

I do not currently have an official undergraduate or law school transcript.  Can I submit an unofficial one with my application?

You may submit unofficial transcripts with your application.  We will request official transcripts from applicants who enter the interview process.

With regards to the writing sample, does it have to be a legal writing sample?  How long should it be?

Yes. You may submit a writing sample from your legal writing course taken in law school.  The writing sample should be approximately five to ten pages.

Should the one-page personal statement be single or double spaced?

The personal statement should be single spaced.

If I am attending law school on an academic scholarship, will I still be eligible to receive the 1L Diversity Fellowship’s stipend?

Yes.  You are still eligible to receive the stipend even though you may be attending law school on an academic scholarship.

How does the Diversity Fellowship selection process work, and how long will it take before I know if I’ve been selected?

Applications must be completed online between January 1, 2014, and January 31, 2014.  Although applications will not be accepted until first-semester grades have been received, we recommend collecting undergraduate transcripts well in advance of the application deadline so that you are ready to submit after your grades have been released.

A selection panel consisting of the firm’s Managing Partners, Hiring Partners and members of the Diversity and Hiring Committees will evaluate applications.  A select pool of applicants will be invited to interview for the Fellowship.  Students not selected to interview will be notified by mail.  Students who are invited to interview will be contacted by a member of the Legal Recruiting Department to schedule an in-person interview, and will be asked to provide official transcripts.  Once all interviews have been conducted, the selection panel will select the Diversity Fellow.  We anticipate awarding the Fellowship in February or March.

If I am invited to interview at Choate, and I go to law school out of state, will travel expenses be reimbursed?

We reimburse students for transportation, lodging and meal expenses incurred in traveling to our office for interviews.  Candidates should use the NALP Travel Reimbursement Form when submitting travel expenses.

When does the summer associate program begin?  If I am awarded the Choate 1L Diversity Fellowship, would I be able to split my summer with another firm?

The summer associate class will start in late May, unless your law school academic calendar conflicts with the start of our program.  The program will run for nine to ten weeks.  The student awarded the Fellowship would be expected to commit to spending the full summer with Choate.

Will the Diversity Fellow be paid the same as other summer associates?

Diversity Fellows are paid the same salary as other summer associates participating in Choate’s summer associate program.  The summer associate salary will be paid based on the salary of our first-year associates.  In 2013, summer associates earned $3,075 per week, which is competitive with other top-tier law firms.

If I am selected as a Fellow, when will I receive the scholarship award?

The selected Fellow will receive the first installment, in the amount of $2,500, upon the completion of the 2014 summer program.  The amount will be included in the Fellow’s last paycheck.  The remaining $7,500 is contingent upon the Fellow’s receiving and accepting an offer to participate in the 2015 summer program.  The second installment will be paid upon the completion of the 2015 summer program.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

To learn more about Choate’s 1L Diversity Fellowship, please contact Mike Kaufman, Director of Legal Recruiting, at


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