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How do you communicate callback decisions?

Within 24 hours of their on-campus interview, candidates get a call from us if we’d like them to come to our office for a callback interview.

What is your callback interview format?

We offer candidates two callback interview formats:  a traditional callback, which is conducted during regular business hours, or a callback during a Choate Interview Evening, which occurs at the end of regular business hours.  We encourage candidates to choose the callback format that is most convenient and comfortable for them.

When will I find out if I received an offer?

Generally an offer will be extended within one to two weeks of callback interviews at our office.

What travel expenses does Choate reimburse, and what is the process?

We reimburse students for reasonable transportation, lodging and meal expenses incurred in traveling to our office for callback interviews and use the NALP Travel Reimbursement Form for reimbursement requests.  All travel reimbursement forms must be submitted to us no later than December 15th.

What should I do if Choate does not interview at my law school?

We invite candidates to submit applications online.  Please include a resume, cover letter and transcript.  Please apply between July 15 and August 31.

When does the summer program at Choate start?

The Summer Associate program starts in late May, unless the law school academic calendar conflicts with the start of our program.

What is the salary for a Summer Associate?

In 2016, Summer Associates earned $3,462 per week, which is based on a $180,000 annual first-year associate salary.

How large are Choate's summer and first-year associate classes?

Our summer classes typically range in size from 12-15 law students.  The 2016 Summer Program included 17 students.

As a Summer Associate, what type of assignments can I expect to work on?

Summer Associates are given real assignments that are similar to work given to first- or second-year associates.  Our Summer Associates work on case and deal teams and other matters important to our clients.  Typical assignments include legal and factual research, memo writing, researching and contributing to briefs, contract drafting, drafting pleadings, drafting estate planning documents and participating in investigations, discovery and diligence projects.

As a Summer Associate, will I receive assignments from all departments or just one, and how are assignments distributed?

Summer Associates have the opportunity to work with many of our departments including those in which they are particularly interested.  On a weekly basis, Summer Associates meet with their associate Advisors to discuss their workload and interests to help choose appropriate assignments.  We make sure that Summer Associates get a variety of projects to get a clear picture of our departments and their preferences.

Are there pro bono opportunities during the summer program?

Yes.  Every interested Summer Associate has the opportunity to do pro bono work.

How does the review/evaluation process work?

Summer Associates receive formal mid- and final-summer reviews from the Hiring Partners.  Additionally, they receive regular feedback from the attorneys with whom they work.

When are permanent offers extended?

Offers are extended within two weeks of the conclusion of the summer program.

Are offers extended from a specific practice group?

Offers to join the Firm are generally not limited to a particular department.  Throughout the summer and during 3L year, we have conversations with incoming associates about their practice group preferences.  We then work to assign associates to a department that balances their interests with the Firm’s needs.

Will a clerkship affect my status with the Firm?

Not at all.  We give permanent offers to Summer Associates who accept one-year clerkships following graduation.  We also pay a clerkship bonus and generally grant one year of class progression credit for federal District, Circuit and Supreme Court clerkships and clerkships with a state supreme court.

Does Choate hire first-year law students?

We only hire first-year students through our 1L Diversity Fellowship.  The application deadline for the Fellowship is January 15.  You may find more information about the Fellowship here.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you have a question that isn't answered on our website, or if you'd like to learn more about careers at Choate, you can contact Caitlin Ryan, Manager of Legal Recruiting at


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