Shared Compact 

Responsibilities of the entire Choate community:

  • Service and Excellence: provide the highest level of service and support to our internal and external clients;
  • Work to Maintain Choate Brand: diligently maintain, through our words and actions, the Firm’s superior reputation in the community;
  • Commitment: contribute to the life of the Firm through mentoring, developing networks, providing feedback, and developing relationships with others inside and outside the Firm.

Firm Responsibilities:

Your Responsibilities:

  • Opportunities: access to great work, and opportunities to become important members of working groups and client teams;
  • Training: exceptional formal and informal training and development opportunities;
  • Feedback: formal feedback and in-the-moment coaching, with the goal of making each person the very best he/she can be;
  • Internal and External Relationships: career-long formal and informal mentors;
  • Career Support: career support while at Choate and beyond;
  • Culture: a culture in which partners lead by example in demonstrating the importance of hard work, teamwork, diversity, respect and personal commitment by and to everyone in the organization.
  • Responsibility: take responsibility for (i) your career, (ii) your work product, and (iii) your client teams and client service;
  • Opportunities: seek out and embrace opportunities to contribute individually and on teams to client and non-client work;
  • Training: actively participate in formal and informal training programs;
  • Feedback: seek feedback regularly, and provide in-the-moment coaching to peers and direct reports on ways to improve;
  • Internal and External Relationships: develop positive relationships at all levels within the Firm, as well as with clients, prospects, promoters and vendors;
  • Commitment: work hard, recognizing that providing world class service to our internal and external clients is our top priority.

Thank you for reaching out to contact Choate. Before you send your message, we wanted to make sure you are aware of the following. Please do not send any confidential information in response to this link. Sending an e-mail to Choate does not give rise to an attorney-client relationship, and will not be deemed to disqualify Choate from undertaking any engagement for a current or future client.  Before any attorney-client engagement may be formed, Choate will need to check for possible conflicts of interest, you will need to consider whether you wish to retain Choate as counsel, and we will need to consider whether we wish to accept the potential engagement. In the meantime, Choate reserves the right to represent parties with interests adverse to you.