Patrick Archambault Named Youth Advocacy Foundation Pro Bono Attorney of the Year

Patrick Archambault has been named Pro Bono Attorney of the Year by the Youth Advocacy Foundation (YAF) for his work on the EdLaw Project. The award award ceremony will take place at the YAF Spring Gala on May 12. The honor has been given to Patrick and his co-counsel, Alexandra Reynolds of Proskauer, for their successful work on a multi-year project assisting a student diagnosed with dyslexia through multiple school systems placements, in order to ultimately reach an educational environment where she is able to thrive.

An initiative between the Youth Advocacy Foundation and the Committee for Public Counsel Services, Children & Family Law and Youth Advocacy Divisions, the EdLaw Project has provided education advocacy for Massachusetts' highest-risk youth. Since January 2000, EdLaw Project attorneys have directly advocated for the educational rights of over 1,800 low-income youth in Massachusetts.