Stephen Hurwitz and Brenda Jarrell Published in Mass High Tech

Mass High Tech

 | July 24, 2009

 | Stephen Hurwitz and Brenda Jarrell

Stephen Hurwitz, partner in business & technology, and Dr. Brenda Jarrell, chair of life sciences, co-wrote “Securing life sciences investment in difficult times” in Mass High Tech.  In the article, Mr. Hurwitz and Dr. Jarrell present three necessary steps for life sciences companies looking to raise venture capital despite the current state of the economy:

  • Selecting the appropriate VC fund, one whose portfolio includes pharmaceutical companies in the same sector and stage as the company seeking funding.
  • A personal introduction, because cold calls are rarely effective.
  • A strong executive summary that, in the first paragraph, explains a company’s disruptive proprietary technology that solves a major problem in a huge, rapidly growing addressable global market. 

A life sciences company who completes these three tasks will get a hearing and be on the path to securing funding, regardless of the difficult economic times.


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