Michael Hinrichsen PhD

Dr. Michael Hinrichsen applies his broad range of technical experience working in biology and chemistry labs to assist Choate’s life sciences clients in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, as well as freedom-to-operate and patentability analyses.

Industry Experience

Prior to joining Choate, Michael was a patent agent at a law firm in Boston. In this role, he drafted patent applications covering a range of technologies in the chemical and biotechnology spaces, including small molecule inducers of protein degradation, genetically engineered bacteria, genetically engineered immune cells, methods of treating diseases, diagnostic methods, and biomedical devices. Additionally, he coordinated and led the prosecution of over 100 patent applications for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

While pursuing his PhD at Yale University, Michael performed research in the lab of Dr. Lynne Regan, focused on developing protein-based tools for two applications in live S. cerevisiae. He regularly practiced technical skills including: molecular cloning, protein expression and purification, in vitro protein characterization (enzymatic assays, oligomeric states, determining ligand binding affinities), genetic manipulation of S. cerevisiae, western blots, and fluorescent imaging. Prior to his PhD studies, Michael interned at Bristol-Myers Squibb in the Department of Compound Management, where he characterized various solvent mixtures and their potential for storing large libraries of small molecule compounds.

Publications and Presentations

  • “A new method for post-translationally labeling proteins in live cells for fluorescence imaging and tracking,” first author, Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, December 2017.
  • “Patent Exhaustion and Pharmaceuticals,” weblog co-author, Patent Docs, October 2017.
  • “Protein engineering strategies with potential applications for altering clinically relevant cellular pathways at the protein level,” co-author, Expert Review of Proteomics.
  • “Protein Design: Past, Present, and Future,” co-author, Biopolymers.

Education & Credentials

Yale University
PhD, 2018
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Yale University
MS, 2013
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
The College of New Jersey
BS, 2012, cum laude