An exceptional client experience

Our unique business model allows us to stand out in a legal marketplace which is crowded with firms who look, act and think alike.

We are deliberately different from other premier law firms, built to meet your needs and earn lasting relationships.


Hands-on partners.

A balanced  partner-to-associate ratio keeps our most experienced lawyers intimately involved in your matters.

Our partners know their clients’ businesses, remain deeply engaged in the details of the matter and are among the best in the market in their areas of focus.


Unrelenting focus.

We deliberately work in five core areas where we rank among the best law firms in the world.

Many firms try to be all things to all people. We are different. Choate only practices in areas that are strategically important to our clients and where we have the depth, expertise and market-leading talent to be the best solution for their needs.


Global reach, from one office.

Like a handful of the leading firms on Wall Street, we deliver national and international impact from one office in one city.

Having a single office allows us to draw on Choate’s collective resources easily and efficiently. When we need to span across a geography, we choose and collaborate with the most qualified local legal resource for your work—instead of automatically recommending a captive branch office like many other firms do.