Managing AdTech Risk When Capturing Sensitive Information

Artificial Intelligence, big data and sophisticated analytics capabilities have created an explosion in Adtech, allowing companies and other institutions to better connect with their audience. However, the use of AdTech has also created a number of legal and regulatory concerns,  particularly for healthcare, financial institutions, life sciences companies, and others that may capture sensitive information.

Join Choate and Secretariat for a live webinar on Tuesday, April 12 at 12:00 p.m. EST that will explore these webtools and discuss why AdTech risk should be on your priority list, and what companies can do to manage this risk. This four part series will include 3 pre-program podcasts (to be circulated in the coming weeks) that provide an introduction to these issues, followed by a one-hour webinar that will examine the topic in greater detail.


Adam Bookbinder, Co-Chair of Government Enforcement & Compliance | Choate

Rebecca Patterson, Managing Director | Secretariat

Christine Savage, Co-Chair of Healthcare | Choate

Jim Vint, Managing Director | Secretariat