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The Problem. 

In today’s e-world, the universe of potentially relevant documents in complex commercial litigation is often in the millions—if not tens of millions—and document review for a single case can cost millions of dollars.

Until Now. 

While database and search engine technologies have helped around the margins, the bulk of the work continues to be done by a multitude of lawyers billing a multitude of hours looking at a multitude of documents.

Choate’s Solution. 

Choate’s litigation team transforms the discovery process from a burden into a competitive advantage for our clients.  We have identified and are actively using a range of next-generation technologies, some of which we’ve helped to develop.  By reengineering and compressing the e-discovery process, we can provide timelier, more useful and more efficient results.  This well developed strategy allows us to deliver potent e-discovery results for less than 50% of the cost of traditional approaches. 

The Choate Advantage


We employ advanced technology and strategies to significantly reduce discovery costs in a manner that is transparent, reasonable and legally defensible.


Choate is not tied to a particular technology or review platform, which allows us to evaluate our clients’ e-discovery needs and issues on a case-by-case basis, and use the tools, techniques and vendors that are best suited to each specific assignment.  Our case teams can adapt to changes as a litigation progresses by applying their knowledge and judgment to make real-time information relevance determinations.  Furthermore, our unique working relationships with a select group of e-discovery vendors allow us to drastically reduce project turn-around times. 


Our e-discovery tools include built-in reporting and verification functions that provide a real-time understanding of the recall and precision being achieved by the system, as well as the means to statistically verify the results obtained.


Choate litigators are able to identify, often within a few days or weeks, the basic universe of “hot documents” that can make or break a case, facilitating early case assessment. 


We routinely cut document review times and costs by 50% or more, and accurately identify the important documents to prioritize for review.  Non-relevant data can be segregated automatically and efficiently, saving hours of ineffective review time wasted on insignificant materials.




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